HSE Policy

De Koolar is a Nigerian wholly owned company, with ambition to become a leading HVAC company that is second to none in Nigeria, and Africa at large; by providing superior products and services at affordable cost to our clients and customers, in a way that consistently deliver anticipated value.

In achieving this lofty ambition, DeKoolar is therefore committed to setting its foundation for growth on demonstrated high standards of health, safety, environment performance.

We are committed to making health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of the design, production, marketing, distribution and use of our products.

The strategic framework to implement this policy will involve:

  • As a minimum, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, while aspiring to higher standards.
  • Application of responsible standards even where laws and regulations do not exist.
  • Application of a systematic approach to the identification of all hazards and HSE risks in order to manage any potential risks to as low as is reasonably practical.
  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of our HSE Management System across the organisation.
  • Development of annual HSE objectives and targets and implementation programmes to achieve them.
  • Provision of the necessary resources to achieve the requirements of this HSE Policy.
  • Provision of adequate HSE training to all DeKoolar personnel and consultants in order to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Mandatory requirement that all companies providing contract services to DeKoolar manage their HSE performance in line with the specified requirements in this Policy.
  • Fostering a culture that empowers and rewards everyone in DeKoolar staff for acting in accordance with this Policy.
  • Open communication with the community regarding DeKoolar activities.

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