Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Our Vision

Becoming top ten globally (BTTG).

DeKoolar Mission Statement

Building an enduring and sustainable team that understands the economic benefits of human needs viz a viz the technological dynamism of the contemporary world.

Our Philosophy & Expertise

De Koolar is committed to our basic philosophy of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency of all the machines we produce, with core focus on continuous innovation.

As a leading manufacturing company, we design, construct and supply user and environmentally-friendly products, in a manner that meets the specified needs of each and every customer or client we serve; we listen to understand the peculiar needs of each client and then provide personalized solution. This singular practice accounts for our growing list of satisfied customers & clients.

We continuously invest and engage in research and development to ensure that our products are the most innovative in the markets. Our machines are designed to offer these operating advantages: Higher operational efficiency, environmentally friendly, power consumption economy, user friendly, lower operating costs, reliability, easy operation and maintenance. Consequently, we have earned a reputation for technological innovation and superior quality.

CEO’s Message

Our Product Lines


What our customers say!

De Koolar Ice Block Making Machine standouts, among other machines I previously used for my Ice Block Business – quality, operational efficiency and responsiveness to my support request… Mr C. Chuka, Zone D, Apo Legislative Quarters, Abuja

Mr C. Chuka, Zone D, Apo Legislative Quarters, Abuja

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